Congratulations, Spring Launch Winners!

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Congratulations, Spring Launch Winners!

We asked consultants to share their tips—here’s the list of winners

We asked, and you delivered!

Following the new product reveals during the live 2017 Spring Launch webcast, we challenged you to share your best tips for using the new product line to boost your sales, fill your calendar with bookings, and add new members to your team. The consultants who submitted our favorite tips won a new spring product!

Here are the winners:

  • Allison Aldridge-Westphal
  • Amanda Diettrich Arnold
  • Amber Sheak
  • Amy Watkins Willis
  • Angel Pavey
  • Angela York Sweeney
  • Ashley Isamoyer
  • Barbara Church Hunter
  • Blair Stanojlovic
  • Brandy Copley Lanier
  • Brenda Petersen
  • Brittni Fleer
  • Candida Lillard
  • Carrie Lee Monts
  • Cathy McGinnis
  • Cheri Hallmark
  • Christine Alexander Rios
  • Courtney Ashbee
  • Diana Cover Porter
  • Diane Kaskeski
  • Dorie Hicks Piskorski
  • Eunice Alexander
  • Gail Tipton
  • Halli Anne Linin
  • Heidi Breitbarth
  • Jackie Lynn Llewellyn-Stout
  • Jen Haugen
  • Jennifer Charles-Shaffer
  • Jennifer Lewis
  • Jessica Kuppler Koven
  • Joyce Lyon
  • Julie Souther Himel
  • Karissa Dunman
  • Karma Kelly
  • Katie Miller-Bivolcic
  • Kim Ribelin Cebula
  • Laureen Quick
  • Lauren Morrow
  • Leeann Abel
  • Mary Ann Sullivan Angelos
  • Mary Kutish
  • Melissa Springer Bertini
  • Molly Christenson
  • Nicole Ghanem
  • Rachelle Bourne
  • RicKay Glover
  • Roxanne Perkins Graves
  • Sarah Martin Brown
  • Saundra Swain
  • Shelley Cronkhite Huber
  • Stephanie Broeker Mattson
  • Stephanie Facemire Reed
  • Susan Lane
  • Teleshia Marie
  • Tera Marie Cieri
  • Terry Feliciano Crawford Maine
  • Thea Leddy
  • Theresa Cody Schumacher
  • Tiffany Semler Saunders
  • Tracy Neese
  • Trina M. Greene
  • Valerie Kubat
  • Vanessa Ann Caridi Morrison
  • Vicki Keith

Congratulations, we loved hearing how you’re going to rock the new season! Look for their expert tips on Spoonful and in Stir over the next few weeks.

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